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Just received my new Cups, a bit disappointed, but still hopeful

I just received my order from Feminine Wear (it was fast! From UK to USA it was a total of 8 days).

Anyways, I have had the Lunette (both small and large models) and the Sckoon (small and large models).
But I still had issues.

I decided I needed bigger cups and perhaps to try different softness. So I ordered

Yuuki,Soft (small and large)
Meluna,classic - Large
Fleurcup - Large

I should have trusted the community chart on Cup Capacities here http://sizecharts.livejournal.com

They were more true to the actual capacities.
I used a cap from the cough drop medicine to 30mL and The large Yuuki, Fleurcup filled up to the holes. I can go a bit further, but not much. (My large Lunette and Sckoon are also 30mL)

The Large Meluna said 34ml, but 30mL was basically to the brim, I don't see it being 34mL, maybe 32mL.

So, I feel a bit cheated by what the companies list as their capacities. I should have trusted the chart you gals have.

I have leaking issues with the Large Lunette even though it doesn't fill up. The Large Sckoon did better, but the last times I used it, I could not reinsert it (I had to insert laying on my bed). It was just too friggin squishy and I could not get it back in at work.

Also I was filling up the Sckoon in less than 6 hours I think, that's why I was hoping to get a higher capacity cup.

But, anyways, I'm still hopeful! I really like the Large soft Yuuki and I hope I can make a comparison post months later (you know, cause I need to wait for my period, lol).
Tags: fleurcup, leakage & spotting, lunette, meluna, sckoon, yuuki

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