n0m_de_plum (n0m_de_plum) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Heavy flow!

I'm a little unnerved by how heavy my flow has gotten today. For the past couple days it's been basically nothing but a trickle. Visible on the toilet paper, but when it comes to the cup really just a small amount of milky white fluid tinged with brownish-red when I change it.

Today, though I feel like I'm freaking hemorrhaging! I've emptied my cup 4 times today (Diva size 1), and usually I only empty it in the morning and before bed at night.
It does not get completely full, basically just below the 15ml mark, so I suspect my cervix does dip in it a little bit. However, that's never been a problem in the past. I've been using the cup for three years never had problems with leaking before, and certainly never had it fill up so fast! The blood it self has small clots in it which isn't unusual for me, but there is also a lot of liquid (bright red in color).
Otherwise, I feel fine physically. I don't feel particularly weak or dizzy. I'm not in any pain other than a little bit of cramping, but it wasn't even bad enough to inspire me to take ibuprofin. I've had much worse.
I do have PCOS, so my periods tend to be irregular and sometimes long and heavy, but I've never had one this heavy. It's just the shear speed at which my cup is filling up that really is bothering me. Anyone know what could be causing this?
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