eporter11 (eporter11) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Have Diva Cup, wanting something else

I've had a love/hate relationship with my Diva Cup for about 3 years now. I haven't really used it in the past 9 months because I am just really dissatisfied with it. I'm 22, I've never been sexually active (things down there are a bit tight, but I'm not squeamish) and I think I have a fairly short cervix that moves throughout my menstrual cycle.

I've been using disposable Softcups. I reuse them a few times though, generally I go through 2 plus a couple pads per cycle. I would like something more permanent, but being in the IS my options are a bit limited.

Reasons I don't like my Diva Cup:
- Makes my cramps unbearable during the first two days
- Whether or not it goes in right seems outside my control. One day will be successful, then the next things seem to move around and nothing works.
- When I stand up, it goes crooked or something?? I put it in on the toilet, and it opens and seals. But if I feel the tail while I'm standing it's off to the left.
- Leakage, even when it's not full.

The cramps and the leakage are the two primary issues... I might also add I will be visiting England, France, and the Netherlands this summer. If there is a significant advantage to waiting to buy it there I would be willing to wait till summer. I'm thinking maybe a small LadyCup? Based on the measurements it seems to be a bit smaller, softer.

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