ohelloflo (ohelloflo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cups available to Canada


I have a diva cup small (Canadian, woo!) but I'm finding it's too long and I can't always use it comfortably. It either doesn't pop open or is difficult to remove and leaks when half full. The stiffness is fine, but I wouldn't want anything stiffer. I don't like wearing it inside out because the lack of grip makes it hard to remove.

However, it seems that no other cups are available in stores in Canada, and that companies are not allowed to sell to Canadian addresses due to health regulations (e.g. Meluna, Lunette). Has anyone in Canada been able to order other menstrual cups online? Any recommendations for something shorter than the Diva Cup and available to Canadians would be much appreciated. Preferably something that is also not too expensive :)

Thank you!
P.S. Just wanted to say that the size chart is very helpful!
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