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28 December 2014 @ 04:39 pm
I'm soooooooo frustrated right now. This is my second cycle trying to use a cup and I cannot get it to stop leaking. I'm about to give up and put a tampon in. I've read all the suggestions and tried what I can. I am VERY overweight and have a big belly so things like reaching up to find my cervix and sliding a finger around the rim to pop it open just aren't possible (though I do try to the best of my ability). I know I do not have a low cervix. I have a Divacup Size 2 and both the regular and low cervix Femmycycle. I got the Femmycycle specifically because it said the cup doesn't have to open all the way. I follow the instructions to the letter and still it leaks like crazy. I've tried twisting them around. I've tried pulling it out almost all the way and pushing it back in. I've tried different folds (though I'm limited with the Femmycycle). I've tried just leaving it out and trying again later. I'm SO upset. I really want this to work. When I did my trial runs with my Femmycycle I was so excited because I had no difficulty inserting it and it was so comfortable. I wanted it to work SO badly. Last night I was constantly in the bathroom trying to fix things, which was quite a hassle considering I'm a nurse and we were short staffed last night. I don't know what else to do. I'm at my wits end here.
yell14 on December 29th, 2014 01:39 am (UTC)

What I Found That Works For Me. Is I use A 7 Fold N Make Sure That The Whole Rim Is Inside Passed Pubic Bone N Unfolded. Now I Dont Get That Popping Sound, So I Tug On It N If It Comes Out Easy Then It Means That It Hasnt Sealed. What Ive Started Doing Is I Push The Cup In N Make Sure The Rim Is Unfolded, Im Not Worried About It Opening At This Stage, Then I Relac My Pelvic Floor Muscles N Push The Cup In Further Then Grab The Stem N Contract Pelvic Floor N It Will Feel Like Cup Is Being Taken In Further. Once Im Up In Standing Position I Do This A few Times N The Cup Seems To Get To where It Needs To B n Seals in place.
I hope u find a way that will work for u, cuz cups have changed my whole period experience. But i totally understand ur frustrations. Good luck