kaitlyn76453 (kaitlyn76453) wrote in menstrual_cups,

parents and menstrual cups

Hi all. I really really want to start using a menstrual cup. Problem is I am scared that it is going to get stuck and I will have to go to the doctor to get it out. I am still in high school and I can't drive. That would be so embarrassing!! I am dying thinking about it!! I know its rare for that to happen, but I have a very high cervix. also my mum doesn't even know i have my period. i buy my own pads/tampons. since i can't drive i ride my bike to the shop and get them. I know I should tell my mum but i just can't, I'm not close with her and she would tell my whole family. she's like that. So yeah I was wondering what are my chances of it getting stuck and what cups are good for a very high cervix.

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