majesticgoldenr (majesticgoldenr) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What the next cup for me?

I really like the MoonCup USA, actually. But I need more capacity than 13mL... The main points for me are:
- similar stiffness to the mooncup USA
- not any longer than it is.

I have another cup that is really soft and that is *out* because I couldn't get it to open at all and don't have the time to make it work. I like the stiffness of the MoonCup USA a lot, and want a cup with similar stiffness, as said.

I did cut off some of the outside of the rim though when I first was trying to insert it, just because I know I could with that cup. I think that 43 might be the limit for how wide I can go; It's 41mm I think at the rim when you get it.

Also, I haven't cut off the stem, but on days that my cervix is at it's lowest the end of the cup (54mm, I think) isn't in by much, if any. I like inside out.

What options are there that are less cone like, also?

I don't believe that the large is that much bigger at 15 ml.
Tags: buying decisions, camping & backpacking, dorms, keeper moon cup, sizes/size issues, teething troubles
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