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MeLuna shorty?? anyone??

i'm new to this. I never had heavy periods and did fine ith tampons my whole life. But recently developed abnormal uterine bleeding. I am seeign a GYN to try to resolve the issue. In the mean time, still bleeding most days.

I tried a Diva (size 2) since they are available in stores. It's uncomfortable. I tried turning it inside out and that seems to help. I also found the MeLuna website and they have this size calculator which said I should be a S or M. I decided on the Medium which is about a centimeter shorter than the Diva and a few mm smaller diameter. It is much more comfortable and easier to insert and remove.

But I wore the MeLuna (m) to a spin class today and it turned sideways inside during the workout and leaked!

I am extremely frustrated and keep reading everything about these things on teh web. It probalby does not help that I have been having a period, sometimes heavier than I ever was aware was humanly possible, for 22 weeks straight.

I keep reading how it is supposed to sit low in the vagina and I see the package insert drawings and they show the cup sitting so far below the cervix. That is totaly not the case with me for either the Diva or the Meluna. It is up there as far as it can go. IN fact it's wedged right up under the cervix. If I am not really careful and angle the Diva just right sort of front to back, it will be inserted all the way past my cervix. If I tried to make it sit low like these drawings look, either one would be protruding outside my vagina! (is this a situation where some male illustrator is making the drawings for a woman's product???)

Should I try a shorty? Has anyone tried one and what did you think? How are you built that you thought a shorty was right for you? I didn't think of myself as particularly petite, but MeLuna seems to think I'm a candidate for the small! I"m 5'2", medium frame, only 10 pounds over my ideal weight. I am (or was before this period fiasco) an avid exerciser and did many very strenuous activities and have been a weightlifter for decades. I do not think low pelvic muscle tone is the problem. I'm almost wondering if the muscles are too strong and too big?? And therefore pushing the things so far up inside?

Has anyone had success with a certain cup during exercise, especially lifts like squats and lunges and core stability?

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