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Hello all. I just wanted to chime in to share my newbie experience with menstrual cups and ask some teething problem questions.

I'm 23 and virgin but me and my hoo-haa are quite friendly on the weekends. I've used the Lunette Selene model 1 for a few cycles now but am having some trouble with removal & capacity (could be a cervix issue...) But aside from that it's been pretty nice, I remember when I first put it in despite being very objective (keeping an eye out for pain & any weird pulling assosiated with folds etc,) the first thought I had as soon as it sprang open once inside was, "This is the COOLEST thing in the WHIRL!!!1!1one!1" I was like, dang girl.

My questions are about pain-free removal re stretching (not urethra related,) and the cup not filling correctly despite no leaks.

I've only been able to use the cup once or twice, maybe three times in a whole cycle as I'm sometimes a bit sore after removal & I don't want to scare myself away from menstrual cups so I'm going easy on myself. For example, I haven't worn it overnight yet in order to give my vag some breathing room between days, lol. The reason is is that when I'm removing it, once I get the rim to the entrance I wriggle it side to side it then pops out (always the right side for some reason.) But I feel like the Lunette is so 'firm,' especially the rim, that I'm having trouble when it comes out as it likes to spring open as soon as the tension gives way and then it thwacks me in the... uh, lip. LMAO. Last time hurt the worst and I was a little tender for a day or two.

Anyway, I feel like the rim of the Lunette is very firm. When I break the seal for removal I can press on the body of the cup and it'll un-seal, but then will re-seal unless I push right against the rim. This isn't a massive problem for me personally as my cervix is about two knuckles in (about an inch or two,) but the rim springing open at the entrance is causing me to proceed slowly with the learning curve. I really wanna get to wearing the cup at least through all of my period during the daytime instead of alternating, and I'd like to get there soon.

So my question is, does this sound like a cup issue or a removal issue or both? I'm aware of the cup when it's in, maybe a little too aware so I wouldn't mind getting something a little more forgiving for normal day to day stuff like the Si-bell or something & save the Lunette for ballet dance & the occasional horse ride.

My removal process is as follows currently,

I get into childs pose & push my longest finger up behind the cup with my hand facing my pubic bone. I bust the seal & then bear down a bit and walk the cup down side to side using only ONE finger. At this point it's in a loose C fold with the broad side of the C facing towards my pubic bone. Then, once it's at the entrance (with my thumb on the exposed base for stability ready to keep it upright,) it'll spring open as one side comes out (like I said, it always springs out to the right.)

Last time I took it out in the shower and therefore had to squat and that was when it hurt the most so far, but I always have a bit of this taking it out (and it gets worse and worse as the days progress.)

So I'm wondering if this is an issue regarding the management of my fingers? I only use the one internally as I know I'd be sore if I tried to manage two and the cup all at once. And I know that people say a pain-free removal is in folding the C away from the urethra but I never have pain in that area when I remove it, it's always on the side. And I can't fathom being able to manage the cup with my thumb. First of all I've always found my thumb uncomfortable to insert & I have relatively short thumbs. Honestly you should see me use an iPhone, it's hilarious.

I don't know how people remove with two hands either, I would be bruised black and blue from tipping over if I had both hands trying to keep the nasty little sucker folded as it came out. Where do you find the space for all those fingers?!

Anyway, as for the capacity thing...

I'm finding that I'm not filling the cup up. Like, it'll feel really heavy & the longest I've worn it was 8 hours and by that time I felt really warm and water-logged so I went to take it out (in the shower,) and it wasn't even half full. But I had blood running down my fingers, between them & down the back of my hand like nothing else. Man, I held that thing aloft and honestly marvelled at the colour. I've never seen a more insane red... It was pretty awesome.

But this has happened every time I've taken it out, there's always been more blood on my fingers than in my cup. It's sealing correcty as I have almost always felt or heard the 'thwump' as it's opened, usually as soon as I sit up. I just wonder if it's sealing around my cervix correctly, which I think it is because I've only ever once had leaks. (This one time, it felt heavy and warm and announced it's unhappiness with a gooey gurgle before I went to go take it out thinking I'd been getting the chunky red-sea and ending up with about a teaspoon of blood *rollseyes*) But I don't think it sealed properly that time, or the holes were blocked.

But the last time, it sealed quite obviously and when I took it out it wasn't even half full but I was caught red-handed so to speak.

Anyway, those are the only things bothering me at the moment & I'd LOVE some insight on different techniques and/or experience with other brands regarding low cervixed girls & firmness.

I know there's a learning curve but I feel like I'm slowing my progress down when I look at the cup after having taken it out and think, "Mmm, no, not really. Go again in the morning." But I'm still a little sore for insertion once the sun comes up. I mean, I could put it back in, but I'll get more and more sore as I go along.

Is this still just a body adjustment thing? Am I doing something that's obviously causing the issue? Or do I need to get something with a softer rim that isn't going to be inclined to launch itself into outer-space as soon as it's free of me?

Any pointers would be hot!

yayforcupsyayforcups on December 17th, 2014 03:04 pm (UTC)
My first thought was - childs pose. Sounds messy! Lol! It sounds like the cup is filling up fine if theres no leakage, when you go to take it out it could be the c-fold is pushing the blood over the rim, if all that was on your hands was in the cup, then it could be fuller than you thought!

I usually sit normally on the toilet or lent back abit to shorten the vaginal canal, find the stem, zig zag it side to side down, when the bottom of the cup pokes out (that shouldnt hurt as on a period you have a bit more flexibility), at that point you should have enough cup to be able to squeeze or pinch or press with your finger outside your body, maybe making a bit of a fold with your thumb (as its outside it doesnt matter the length) and you can grab it better so it wont ping you or pop open without permission!!

I have a softer cup so mine doesnt need any folds or coaxing to get it out, so thats also a way to go if you can. Stick with it and keep us updated :)
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on December 17th, 2014 03:26 pm (UTC)
Rock it out at an angle so it's not *the whole rim* at once. The small Lunette is already a fairly soft cup. Squish it around in your hands to soften it up even more.
trejoytrejoy on December 17th, 2014 09:47 pm (UTC)
If you aren't leaking, the cup is working. I have experienced the bloodbath on my hands with a less than half filled cup upon removal. This was due to my cervix taking up considerable room in the cup and having such a good seal that the excess wasn't overflowing, but waited patiently for cup removal. Kinda weird that is. I know the warmth and gurgling feelings well!

As far as using two hands, for removal I have used one to hold onto the stem (outside) while working the cup out with the other and insertion I have held the lips away a bit with my seond hand. I have not used both hands internally at the same time to insert or remove any cup. One thing I have learned is to use my non-dominant hand (for me that's my left) especially for insertion. Somehow it is more patient and gentle. My right hand has more capacity to cause pain for some reason. However, when cup removal is challenging, my right fingers have a stronger grip to bring the cup down and out.
selofain: Yuukiselofain on December 18th, 2014 01:55 am (UTC)
Have you trimmed the stem? My technique is to grab the stem with one hand and and break the seal with the other. My right finger and thumb hold onto the stem (because if I don't, it'll travel right back up and oh that's annoying) and then I angle that hand as far away from the entrance as possible to give space for my other hand. I slide a finger up to break to the seal and then I slide it alongside the cup out as I take it out with my other hand. I bend the rim with that finger and end up taking the cup out at a bit of an angle. A generally blood-free technique for me, but I never fill the cup to full before leaking since my cervix takes up space in the cup.

Basically, bend the rim as if folding it into the punch down rather than C right as you're taking it out, and ease it out an an angle.
sweetrumbellesweetrumbelle on December 18th, 2014 10:01 pm (UTC)
Your post was hilarious! I too wonder how gals can get even one finger in. I'm not a virgin but even to this day it hurts a little when I try to insert a finger to make sure the cup is opened.

And the fist time I used cups I needed two hands, like one to hold the stem and the other to try to get it out, lol.

It's like Yoga Poses for your Menstrual cups.

Using a water based lube (no lubes with silicone, it can damage the cup) or maybe a safe oil like coconut oil (can't remember the others) might help with the soreness.

For me, I sit on the toilet and bear down and use the stem to bring the bottom of the cup to the vaginal opening or as close as I can get it. I have a high cervix.

Then I kinda hold onto the stem with my thumb and third finger (I know it's a bit weird) so the cup won't move up again.
Then I use my Middle finger and kinda push down on the base to break the seal.
As I'm pressing the base down I kinda drag the cup down a bit. So it's like my middle finger is a sausage and the cup is like the bun so it's a hotdog. I drag it a down a bit and sometimes move my middle finger in a bit more inside to keep helping with the dragging. As it starts coming out a bit, usually my thumb and and third finger grasp it more and bring it out so I can safely hold it.

Sometimes my index finger gets involved, but I feel like I explained myself badly.

I think I need to get a cup and something else to make a video to show this process.

I think as you practice it will get easier with time and less sore and you'll find which method you like best for removal.

Edited at 2014-12-18 10:07 pm (UTC)
eyaf_lemeyaf_lem on December 18th, 2014 10:55 pm (UTC)
I'm a fellow low cervix gal. Im a bit older than you and not a virgin. I experience heavy flow and had some initial Teething problems getting my cervix in the cup. I ended up with a higher capacity cup (large fleurcup) which has been fantastic (no leaks) and I only need to empty it 3 times per day. I too can sympathise being "caught red handed" in a public bathroom - not much fun! My cup is firm which I like however the rim is a bit uncomfortable on removal. I tend to remove over the toilet with wide legs and bear down with my pelvic floor muscles. I trimmed my stem off completed but I can easily reach the bottom of my cup to remove so I don't need it. I also walk mine out using my middle finger and tip of my thumb (you don't have to reach very far inside of you bear down depending on how low your cervix is). For insertion I prefer the punch down fold as this makes it smaller and I can open it right at the entrance and coax my cervix in the cup.