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Enlarging holes with 2mm punch

I finally did it, I enlarged the holes of on diva cup! A lot people seem to agree that’s a good thing to do, but I had a heck of a time figuring out how people had actually done it, so here’s what I did. I bought a 2mm hole punch meant for leather on amazon. The holes didn’t come out very clean, the edges of the silicone are kind of chewed up and I had to rip off some bits that didn’t detach all the way. I was a little afraid I’d compromised the integrity of it or something, and it was going to start ripping and falling apart in a year. Which would be really sad because I'm excited about the possibility that this cup could last a really long time and save me lot of money. But it seems fine so far! Even when I stretch the holes to clean it, it doesn’t rip any further, so I think it's stable. They aren’t any more difficult to clean either. I’m not sure if it opens more easily (I never had much issue with opening) but it definitely opens faster. One downside is that with bigger holes, there’s less of a hissing sound as the air enters the cup, and I was used to paying attention to that to make sure it was opening. I haven’t had any issues with leaks or reduced capacity (as expected). As for removal, I think it removes easier, but it’s hard to tell because I’m trying to get the hang of new removal methods. I think it’s definitely easier to break the seal now, because before I could never really break the seal until it was almost out. But sometimes I’m still not able to break the seal and I don’t know if that has to do with cervix position or something else. All in all I would recommend doing this if you have a diva or another cup with small holes, but it's possible there's a better type of punch than the one I used.

Here's the original hole, from when I tried the hot tapestry needle method, which didn't work at all:

Here's the enlarged hole, a little jagged:

One of my holes turned out like this, I might go back and fix it, whatever:
Tags: divacup, popping open, removal, seal & suction

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