yeb90 (yeb90) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Choosing First Cup

Hi Everyone,
I am new to menstrual cups and am trying to decide which one to order. I am a virgin with a light to moderate flow and a low-average cervix. I am currently trying to decide between the small Lunette and the small Si-Bell but I am open to suggestions. The Lunette seems to work well for a lot of women and, therefore, seems like a good place to start but I am pretty sensitive and would like to minimize the likelihood that I will notice a cup while using it. I know that softer cups are often more comfortable for many women but that they can be more difficult to get open (and, thus, may not be ideal for a first-time user). From what I've read, it seems though that the Si-Bell is maybe a little easier to get open than some other soft cups. Is this true? Between the Si-Bell and the Lunette, which would you recommend? Is there another cup that you think I should be considering?
Thank you all for reading!
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