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14 December 2014 @ 12:19 am
Hello everyone! I've been lurking and reading plenty of posts here for a couple months, after contemplating the switch to a cup, after using tampons for years and years. I finally bit the bullet about a week ago and bought my first cup (DivaCup size 1, if I am remembering correctly. It was the pink box either way... 25 years old, reasonably active, but no children) but didn't have a chance to try it until today. I feel bad saying it, because I've seen so many first time users report problems with having the cup open up, or its poking them, or there are cramps involved, but so far no problems to report besides some minor leaking, that I think is more due to flow being caught between the cup and inner wall during insertion. The most recent cup adventure, as I've been calling my trips to the bathroom, resulted in my hitting my cervix during insertion which resulted in some awful cramps for a few minutes, but that went away. However, I have yet to sleep through the night with it, so perhaps there will be something new and exciting to report tomorrow (and so far the experience has been exciting, and learning about my own body is quite fun, actually... thats what I get for wanting to learn as much as I cam before actually using the cup).

Now, what I'm really curious about, is what reasoning do you all have for owning multiple cups? What benefit is there besides keeping a spare one in your bag just in case? I'm short on money, so unless I absolutely need to, I see no reason to own more than one, until Im in a better spot to spend the money. Also, why own different brands? Does one cup just sometimes fit incorrectly your period goes on, necessitating the switch to a different size, shape and firmness?
sammi_j1234 on December 31st, 2014 01:21 am (UTC)
To be honest I find two cups to be good enough for me! I keep one in my school bag or purse (my bigger fleurcup, because I can use it for both heavy and light days!) and my other one, lunette, either also in my bag or at home depending on what I'm doing.

For example when I'm at the barn riding I'll have had my fleurcup in overnight and I'll change it and the reinsert, and leave it in until a) it leaks or b) I ride. Then when I'm actually going to ride I'll put my lunette in, I can use my lunette for riding no problem as long as I change it if I'm riding for a long time. However my fleurcup leaks when I ride (I'm assuming because I have strong muscles and the larger cup gets a little squished because I am younger) hence why I only use it when doing chores, or basically anything but riding!

I also use my fleurcup for swimming because my lunette lets water in. I also use my lunette for light days, and before and after my period and for spotting!

So many uses.. :P