KarebearTheSharebear (sharebearkb) wrote in menstrual_cups,

sample diva cup-it works?!?!


Okay, so I recently heard about menstrual cups, and really was interested. My older sister is a doctor. So, I asked her if she has any experience that would help me pick the right one. Luckily, she had two diva cups already...and handed them to me that day. One is a size one, and the other is a size 2. Since I have never seen one I was not aware that there's not usually a 5th extra large hole punched near the top..

So anyways, I popped size 1 in and had no troubles really, didn't open all the way super easy, but got it within a couple tries. Had zero leaking. Worked fabulously!

So off I go to YouTube and Google to see what other colors and cups are available. And I see a reviewer with cups that have holes (other than the 4 tiny suction release holes) punched in the side, and she explains the sample or demo only cups come like that, so that they cannot be used.

GREAT! So I just used a cup that I shouldn't have for a whole week. My question is, is there something different (other than the large extra hole of course) about the sample cups that make them unusable? Will I end up getting some weird infection or illness? I so far have been feeling fine, no I'll effects as of yet that I can tell. No funny smell, no pain etc.

Is there any reason that I can't keep using the cups if they didn't leak...or bad idea?

I'd love input from y'all...I've learned quite a bit from reading here!! Thanks for any input! !
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