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This was Literally the best period ever!...Reviews, questions, flow amount total, etc...

Ha, was channeling my inner Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec for a second.


Tried the Large Soft Yuuki for the first time this entire cycle and I had no leaks!!!!!

Man, I am so so happy and I hope this continues with future uses.

I had other new cups I really wanted to try first, but I just wanted to know how much menstrual fluid I produced.
It was 72ml in less than 40 hours!!! Yikes! (Average for most women is about 30-40ml in I don't know how many hours/days)

I was keeping a record of the amount of hours and ml and I was averaging about 2mL per hour.

Along with this high flow, I also have a high cervix.
So, this cup rode up as all my other cups do.
When I go to the bathroom, should I bring it back down a bit?

I ask because sometimes it felt like maybe I was going to leak, it felt weird, so I was afraid that maybe it was riding up and then maybe my cervix would dip into it and cause the seal to break. So, I tugged it down a bit, but then I was afraid I would break the seal doing that. Paranoia?

I guess time will tell, I just don't want to leak when I'm not home.

That's about it, I hope I get to try my other cups on my next cycle, but I love my Yuuki so much that I will wear it at work.

For reference, I had leaking problems with the small and large Lunette cups, I plan to give the large Lunette a couple of more chances to make my final review. But the small Lunette would break its seal within 2-3 hours and I have no idea why.
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