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I am 33 and have three children (all C-sections). I am on cycle 3 of using a Divacup size 2 and I am just not getting the hang of it. #1 it fills up (on my heaviest three days) within 2 hours and leaks. I have to wear a pad just in case, which defeats the purpose doesn't it? #2 Getting the thing in is torture! This cycle I have started using olive oil as a lube, but it never inserts easily, it doesn't unfold right, and I usually end up spending a good 20 minutes up to my elbows in my vagina. This may be fine when I'm at home (although still frustrating) but again, doesn't this defeat the purpose? Then there are times when I do get it correctly inserted, stand up to do my daily only to feel it pop out. I like the idea of a chemical-free period, but as far as anything else, it is a nightmare. The only time it seems to work is if I spend 20 minutes in the bathroom getting it perfect and then go straight to bed. However, if it is one of my heavier days, it wakes me up with leakage within 4 hours (I get a little longer while sleeping) in this case though, a tampon is about the same or worse. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be the brand, size, user error, etc.? Thanks!

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