Marie Intarnette (ladylynx) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Marie Intarnette

Not much luck with Luv Ur Body

I'm sure this cup would be good for someone with heavy flow. My flow is just way too heavy. I'm changing my cup about every hour now, since my fibroids have me that badly off now. Even though the capacity is just a bit more than the Meluna XL, I am thinking of going back to my Meluna. The reason why is that I've noticed no matter how well I fit the Love Yur Body cup into myself, it's never fully open. The cup is, imo, too soft for my body. The Meluna XL classic is somewhat firmer. There was one day, a few months ago, where the Luv Yur Body cup was so full that by the time I got to the toilet, it actually fell out of me. O.o But I'm sure most people will never have this issue. I just have too much blood and this cup is just not working for me. Perhaps if they make a firmer cup, or if my fibroids shrink some, it'll work better. It's a shame though because I do think the cup is so pretty and buying from their company was so pleasant.
Tags: heavy blood flow, luv ur body, meluna

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