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6 years with leaks?!

Hi people!

It's been a while but I need your advice once again. I've had 6 wonderful years with my Size 1 Diva cup. Haven't used a tampon in ages and LOVE it. I've skied, hiked, run, done yoga, ridden bikes, swam, and gotten a promotion with my cup! Problem is, the last couple months I've started having leaking issues. It's more than spotting that I could chalk up to residual blood, but like, big splotches of red blood in my underwear. Cup feels in place, isn't uncomfortable, and I'm inserting it the same way as always. Would love to hear the community's advice on causes and solutions as I'm sick of ruining my underwear. A couple of ideas and additional info:

(1) I am now in my early thirties and significantly more sexually active than I was in my 20s (though still no pregnancies, thanks IUD!). Is it possible that I need Size 2?? This prospect is kind of depressing to me - I hate to think I'm stretching myself out even before having a baby....

(2) Is it possible I just need a new Size 1 cup? I know there are conflicting views on when to replace a cup, but has anyone heard of a cup "wearing out" after several years and not working as well? I've examined it and it's intact with no cracks or anything.

Any help would be lovely, thank you!
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