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New brand: La Luna Cup (based in Hawaii)...except...

I was poking around the easycup.fr site and found a mention of the La Luna Cup (not to be confused with the Mexican LunaCup): http://www.lalunacup.com/

The site looks all well and good, but looking at both the main photo (a large, with the girl kissing it) and the How to Use page (a small)...uh, it looks completely indistinguishable from the Lunette. And at least the small Lunette has a pretty darned unique shape so even my never-been-a-Lunette-user self could recognize it.

What do you think? Anyone want to contact them and ask for a sample, point out the similarities, etc?

Edit: I did contact them and got this non-reply: Aloha,
We saw your post on our Facebook page and wish to respond via email.
We are an extremely small company based in Hawaii, and our mission goes way beyond LaLuna Cup.
We support women globally to empower themselves through moon-time freedom, sharing information, ancient practices, meditations, and inspirations.
We teach workshops and retreats locally and globally, mainly giving back to the communities that can not necessarily afford menstrual amenities.
Our company began while based in india and with a mission to serve the Mother, the Womb of the World.
I appreciate the Lunette company, their mission and purpose.. and yes our design is similar though different.
I don’t have a Lunette cup on me, however i’m happy to order one to post comparison pictures.

Please understand, we are not out to be a large cooperation with a 10 figure income from selling LaLuna Cups, but rather just passionate about empowering woman to make the switch and try something new. Our LaLuna Cups come full of information, meditations, rituals, poems, hormone balance basics… things i have personally collected from teachers and guides that i wish to share with the women of the world - LaLuna Cup is a portal to sharing this information :) We also only package in 100% cotton bags made locally and shells that i have personally collected from the beaches for a drawstring. We are local, organic, and rootsy. We have a completely different clientele from Lunette cup and this is what stands us apart from the rest.

thank you for your inquiries. please let us know how else we can serve you.

warmly, Alila

Alila Grace
La Luna, Director
www.lalunacup.com ~ La Luna. Peace in the Womb = Peace in the World

The only risk, is trying something new ♥

Still doesn't excuse knocking off an established design....
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