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Hello! I am new to cups and live journal!

I just started using my femmecup last night ( I tryed some dry runs before and they went great!!) But not so great today ! I went to get up and shower then I had the "Woosh" sensation and I started leaking. I attempted to remove it in the shower but when i tried it felt like my vagina was swollen around it and had trouble finding the stem. I could barely get one finger in too break the seal. After a half hour of the attempt I had to call my ( wonderfull and understanding) fiance in to help becuase i just kept getting light headed, and a big mistake of having long finger nails i kept stabbing myself. He tried breaking the seal but couldnt because it was so swollen. I finally got it out myself by squatting over the toliet and baring down really hard. It wasnt completly full, I don't know if it was because it leaked when we were trying to get it out. Is feeling swollen common?

Im 25,I always used tampons, no children and sexually active.
I havent gotten the chance to figure out where my cervix it and some times  I have painful sex if he goes in all the way. I went to the dr about that he said I had no issues. I really love the idea of the cup. I don't want to give up. Possible a cup with a ring to help get a better grip?

Thank you!!

Tags: femmecup, removal

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