Marie Quaranto (rieq) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Marie Quaranto

meluna-usa store prices

So, I'm pretty sure it's cheaper to order straight from Germany, because they take off the 19% VAT tax if you're out of Europe... I calculate it would be about $22.69 including shipping with today's exchange rate. Has anyone else noticed how ridiculous that seems? Also, when I ordered my MeLunas (from Germany) they came really fast, I was impressed. So the MeLuna USA store really seems quite pointless, especially if you want a colored cup. However, I did sign up for their newsletter because they claim that it has coupon codes. I really want to get an XL shorty before my next cycle, is it worth waiting for the newsletter or should I just order from Europe? I haven't gotten anything yet, so I'm sort of thinking it might come December 1st, but maybe it's less frequent... does anyone else signed up for the newsletter have any idea how often it comes out (and if the coupons are worth waiting for...for example, a 10% off coupon is still more expensive than Germany) Thanks!!
Tags: buying decisions, meluna, where to buy
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