Jenn (nakedfaery) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Stiffer alternatives to Skooncup

I am trying to get back into using my menstrual cup. I was uncomfortable with using my menstrual cup while my IUD was in place as I'd previously accidentally sucked one out with a cup (a Mooncup UK).

I love the shape of the Skooncup. But it is just too soft. I'm 30 and have had two children (one vaginal birth) but my muscles are still way too tight down there. *Nothing* I can do will coax the cup to open. It actually still seems to catch the blood, but obviously where it doesn't open properly the capacity is not going to be good. It's only lasting an hour or so before it leaks. As I said, the blood is definitely going in there so I know it's not because it's missing my cervix. I bleed very heavily (I use about 12-14 maxi pads in a day on my heaviest day).

I'd like a cup that's a similar shape but stiffer. It either needs to have a soft stem, or a base that I'll be able to grip and remove without a stem. I have a sensitive bladder and the steam always seems to irritate it until I cut it completely off.

I was wondering if the Fleurcup would be good idea as its stiffer and has the same sort of bell shape.

Or are there any Melunas (the options for the stems appeal to me) that have a similar shape?
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