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Okay, this is my third period with my Lunette Model 2 (my first Menstrual Cup) and my cervix was low like this last period as well, but this period seems a bit lower. It The tiny stub of a stem I left on the cup is still irritating my vaginal opening much of the time. There is no comfortable sitting position while using this cup. I'm not sure what to do other than possibly remove the stem completely.

Honestly now that this is my third period with this cup it feels as though it is too firm of a cup for me as it seems to partially block my bladder from being able to empty completely without forcing the urine flow or removing the cup to urinate.

And just laying here on my bed I feel the pressure on my bladder from the cup.

I am considering the FemmyCycle Low Cervix cup. I will also look to find that chart of sizes of cups for cervix types and heights. I think Meluna classic may have been one for lower cervices but I do tend to need a higher capacity cup as my flow can be crazy high for several days in a row, such as filling it up to the air holes in 4 hours or less.

I hate menstruation, but even though this is annoying my vagina and bladder, it is definitely a much better option than disposable paper products that cause me severe itching, burning, blistering, etc. Ha!
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..::bella vita::..por_que_no on November 19th, 2014 12:51 pm (UTC)
When you mentioned low cervix + finicky bladder my first thought was the Meluna Soft, but the low cervix FC might be a good one as well. I used the regular FC for awhile and didn't have any bladder pressure issues with it (wearing a Meluna Classic I almost couldn't go at all). You might also like the Si-Bell for softness + good capacity...and the stem is really soft/thin so it's not as irritating and easier to cut off if you don't need it.
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on November 19th, 2014 03:13 pm (UTC)
FemmyCycle has not replied to my requests for dimensions for the size charts so if you get a low cervix model, please let us know the measurements.

As for your Lunette, if the nub of a stem bothers you, lop it off completely and smooth it out. My sense of logic says that the shorter it is, the less flexible it is (no leverage) so no wonder it's pokey.

The Lunette is fairly pointy. Maybe its measurements aren't that far off but the shape is what's bothering you. The Fleur Cup and the Sckoon are both blunt-based. Maybe they would be ones to consider as well?

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elle2013elle2013 on November 20th, 2014 01:41 am (UTC)
I have the low cervix femmycycle. I measure 39 mm across the top, outer edge of the rim to the other outer edge. It's almost spherical, so across the center point I measure about 50 mm. Length from the rim to the stem is 52 mm, and the length from the rim to the end of the cup body (not sure I'd want to remove the stem, but...) is 45 mm. One other thing to add is that the top rim is very thick, where the funnel part folds in, so the internal measurements across the top rim, inner edge to inner edge, is 35 mm. I'm figuring out how to get a volume measurement, since none of my cups have volume lines.
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on November 20th, 2014 03:09 am (UTC)

I'll add that to the list of changes that I need to make.
yayforcupsyayforcups on November 19th, 2014 03:16 pm (UTC)
Dont forget to check out the sckoon cup, you cant feel the tail so its not annoying, its a short cup with a high capacity. It's got holes slanting up to the rim and the cup is so soft there will be zero bladder issues- you wont even feel it! :)
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on November 20th, 2014 02:07 pm (UTC)
"I think Meluna classic may have been one for lower cervices"
Meluna classic. Classic isn't a size, it's a firmness.

MeLunas come in 10 sizes, 2 of which (the Minis) have recently been discontinued but are still available until supplies run out.
Many of those 8-10 sizes come in 3 firmnesses -- soft, classic, sport. And most of those are available in your choice of 3 or 4 different stem styles.

Oh, the permutations! ;o)

Size charts: http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/

I think the size charts are fairly recent but the capacity charts are missing several cups, especially the new shorty MeLunas. Go to the MeLuna site for those.