aknerd (aknerd) wrote in menstrual_cups,

WAY too high! Please help me!

Okay, so I have a fear of tampons. I mean I am, really scared of those little boogers!

I got my DivaCup recently, and was so super excited to use it! So I did. It took me FOREVER to figure out how to insert the thing (like... 2-3 days!) but finally, I got it in there. It went up soooo high, and the instructions said it would sit low, so I took it out and tried again. Again, so high. So I found this website, and everyone said not to listen to those 'stupid' instructions, and that it was okay if it went up higher. So I did. I just ignored the fact it was super high and went about my day. It felt great! No leaks or discomfort! It felt a little weird because I was used to pads, but I soon got used to it.

I forgot about it and left it in all day, which I read was totally fine. So I went to remove it later. I couldn't reach it! It was wayyy too high! My finger could barely feel the stem (and believe me, I went way up there, as high as I could!) so if I can't feel the stem, how am I supposed to reach the bottom, and squeeze to break the seal?! I ended up having to grab it by the stem with two hands (I don't know how I manged that...) and yanking it out by the stem. That hurt SO bad. I was crying and I felt like my uterus was coming out with the cup. But I didn't know how else to get it out. I yanked it down until I could break the seal. But I was in pain for about an hour afterward from the yanking. I used pads the rest of that cycle, afraid to try again.

So, my problem is that, it's just way too high to even reach! I've tried all sorts of recommended things, but nothing really helped. Squatting, pushing (like you're having a bowel movement).... I'm so scared to try again, but I REALLY want this to work! I could try punching holes so that it doesn't have such a strong suction, but will that make it ride any lower?

I'm not afraid of it sitting high, just that I won't be able to remove it.

PLEASE help me!! Thank you in advance!

(I don't know if this will make a difference or help at all, but I'm a middle-aged teen. Sorry, I don't like to give my age on the internet.)

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