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08 November 2014 @ 12:36 pm
Okay, so I have a fear of tampons. I mean I am, really scared of those little boogers!

I got my DivaCup recently, and was so super excited to use it! So I did. It took me FOREVER to figure out how to insert the thing (like... 2-3 days!) but finally, I got it in there. It went up soooo high, and the instructions said it would sit low, so I took it out and tried again. Again, so high. So I found this website, and everyone said not to listen to those 'stupid' instructions, and that it was okay if it went up higher. So I did. I just ignored the fact it was super high and went about my day. It felt great! No leaks or discomfort! It felt a little weird because I was used to pads, but I soon got used to it.

I forgot about it and left it in all day, which I read was totally fine. So I went to remove it later. I couldn't reach it! It was wayyy too high! My finger could barely feel the stem (and believe me, I went way up there, as high as I could!) so if I can't feel the stem, how am I supposed to reach the bottom, and squeeze to break the seal?! I ended up having to grab it by the stem with two hands (I don't know how I manged that...) and yanking it out by the stem. That hurt SO bad. I was crying and I felt like my uterus was coming out with the cup. But I didn't know how else to get it out. I yanked it down until I could break the seal. But I was in pain for about an hour afterward from the yanking. I used pads the rest of that cycle, afraid to try again.

So, my problem is that, it's just way too high to even reach! I've tried all sorts of recommended things, but nothing really helped. Squatting, pushing (like you're having a bowel movement).... I'm so scared to try again, but I REALLY want this to work! I could try punching holes so that it doesn't have such a strong suction, but will that make it ride any lower?

I'm not afraid of it sitting high, just that I won't be able to remove it.

PLEASE help me!! Thank you in advance!

(I don't know if this will make a difference or help at all, but I'm a middle-aged teen. Sorry, I don't like to give my age on the internet.)
Kai: 57vs40mmkuradi8 on November 8th, 2014 07:41 pm (UTC)
Lucky for you, the Diva is one of the longest cups. Imagine if you were trying to reach a short one! =8oO

No, you can't force any cup to ride lower. And yes, enlarging the anti-suction holes will probably help you with removal.

Looking at the size charts http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/ only the Luv Ur Body and the Lily cups are longer.
..::bella vita::..por_que_no on November 8th, 2014 08:56 pm (UTC)

Yeah, the suction holes on the Diva are tiny and that probably didn't help things, but I think a longer cup will work best for you. Young virgins and young'uns without kids in general are more likely to have a very high cervix. Mine's pretty high too, so I might recommend some other cups:

The aforementioned Lily (I am actually selling mine off if you want a deal on one--25 shipped would be fine: http://mc-sales.livejournal.com/209827.html )

The LuvUrBody, as Kuradi also mentioned (I have not tried this one and it's new on the market so I don't think it's possible to buy secondhand, and they are like $40+)

The Si-Bell if you are ok with a shortish cup that has a very long stem--this is one of the 2 cups I currently use. Because my pubic bone sits really high, this is actually best for me, because a longer cup will get "pinched" at the base by my pubic bone and lose capacity. At least with the stem I can still reach it.

The Rainbow cup is also a nice one, closer in shape to the Diva but with (I believe) a shorter cup + longer stem. Overall length is 70mm, not sure what the Diva length is--I like how it's as soft as the Si-Bell but the stem is nice and thick so I can pull as much as I want to get the base of the cup low enough.

There is also a Lunette(?) knockoff called the Jasmine Cup, I'm not sure if they are still around but from what I remember the stem was crazy long on it and that might be perfect for you. I also remember the stem kind of bending to one side (if your cervix is off to one side like mine this might keep the stem from rubbing awkwardly on one side of your vag)
aknerd on November 9th, 2014 03:17 am (UTC)
Thank you guys so much! I will try a bigger cup and hope that works for me! Thank you!
..::bella vita::..por_que_no on November 9th, 2014 02:26 pm (UTC)
Yes, longer for sure, though it didn't sound like width was an issue for you with this one (the Diva isn't particularly wide or narrow, I don't think?)--but if you'd like a wider one as well definitely don't be afraid to try it, as long as the rim isn't super stiff, because you will pretty much fold it back in when you remove it anyway :) I just had to upgrade to Large cups for capacity reasons and wish I'd done so earlier!
yayforcupsyayforcups on November 9th, 2014 10:21 pm (UTC)
I also had a bad learning curve, migration was a problem till I anchored my sckoon cup lower down by some good kegels while holding the stem. It still migrates a bit near the end of my period but nothing a good squat doesnt sort out (stirring it down not yanking as it breaks the seal better). Hope it helps :)
m03m on November 10th, 2014 11:39 am (UTC)
This sounds like you need to practice pushing it out. You'll do better real soon, believe me. It just needs to be learned!
yell14 on November 15th, 2014 11:44 am (UTC)
Cup Dilema
Hi aknerd,

I have an exactly same issue as u, cervix too high. I have tried lots of cups since i started using them last year. BTW totally love them, so i hope you can find one that works and stick with them :)
anyhow my advice, what I found with my cup trials, ( I have not used DivaCup, mainly due to it being clear) But i have tried Meluna and found that even though its a short cup (ring stem) for some reason it did not move much from the position that it popped open in, but i found the rim pretty uncomfortable. Then I got a small Sckoon ( well that was the same experience that you had with DivaCup, very stressful) then I got Si-Bell, now this is the cup that I use during the night because it is soo soft and comfy, the only reason i do not use it during the day it the capacity is too low for all day use. N lastly I got Luv ur body medium, I find that this cup has a large capacity, which means i change it in the morning and in the evening, never leaks, and sits low, most of the time I don't even have to bear down to reach it, but it is a firm cup, When i first put in it i experience this stretching feeling, but after a while and as period days progress i don;t even feel it.
so if u r debating about which cup to go for, i would def recommend either Si-bell or luv ur body. Taking ur age into account I think si-bell might be more comfortable, (p.s. Si-bell was large and full stem) but if ur after capacity too Luv ur body is great in both areas.

Hope this helps and good luck
aknerd on November 15th, 2014 03:25 pm (UTC)
Re: Cup Dilema
Wow. That was so super helpful! Thank you so much! I will definitely look into those!