sweetrumbelle (sweetrumbelle) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking Lunette, will adding a hole help?

I have both the small and large Lunette (as well as the small and large Sckoon cup).

I just leak with both my Lunettes on my heavy days.

The other day, the seal broke within 2 hours!

(I'm fine with Sckoon, but it's so squishy that reinsertion at work can be difficult and I don't have time for that.)

So, I remember months ago reading about punching in extra holes.

Should I try this? Will it help? How do I do this and what size do I make it?

Thank you all,


I plan to buy the small and large Yuuki, anyone know how they compare in capacity and firmness/squishness to the Lunettes (and Sckoon)? Does the seal stay in place better? I've read some charts, but I would like personal experiences if possible.
Tags: lunette
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