carrotsaregreen (carrotsaregreen) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Large Si-Bell?

Has anyone tried a large Si-Bell? The small sibell is my goldilocks, but I can't use it at night because it rides up way too far and I wake up with a huge leak and an empty cup. I have a very high cervix and I think a pretty narrow vagina. I currently use a small Lunette at night, which leaks sometimes. But the main problem is that the lunette is too firm for my sensitive bladder. So I'm wondering if I just need more capacity for at night?

Anyone tried the large si-bell? or have advice for a different cup I could try? I (think) I like longer cups as opposed to the rounder bell shape of the lunette.

I've looked at the ruby cup and it seems nice, but I don't know if the shape is for me.

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