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So, this was supposed to be my first period using the Fleurcup…and so far it hasn't been successful :) I know, I know…I'm just a newbie, and I have to give it some time.

Scene 1 - Last night, before bed. Tried to insert the small one, just to see how it would go. Flipped myself in the lady bits with the cup. Gave up and went with my very fashionable disposable diaper crafted out of all the various sizes of pads I could find (a normal occurrence).

Scene 2 - This morning…took my large cup in the shower with me to see if that would be easier. The darn thing wouldn't cooperate! It kept opening before it was anywhere close to being all the way inserted. I was also trying not to get interrupted by hubby, as he may have mistaken it for *other* business…

Scenes 3, 4, and 5 - every time I'd head to the bathroom to change my diaper…erm, pad(s), I'd stare at the cup. But I didn't want to get into a predicament as the plumbers were coming over to install some new water lines, etc. I may have given it the evil eye when I was leaving the room.

Scene 6 - received word that said plumbers wouldn't be here until around lunchtime, so I gave it another try. This time, I tried it with some lubricant and had much better luck…unfortunately, I can't quite tell when it's all the way in, and not just sitting at the opening. And, because of the lube on my fingers, as I was trying to get a better grasp on it, the little sucker flipped me in the forehead.

Perhaps tonight or tomorrow I shall give it another try! :P
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