wheat_frog (wheat_frog) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Trouble inserting & Turning Diva Cup.

I'm 23 and not a virgin but I seem to have a very tight entrance to my vagina. I have a high cervix so after researching I wanted the longest cup I could find and went with the Diva Cup. I just got my first cup and this will hopefully be my first cycle using it. I should be starting this week sometime so I wanted to practice inserting and removing. However, even with the 7 fold its still tricky to insert. Then after 20 minutes of fiddling with the cup I can't get it to unfold while in me. Ive tried pulling back out partially but as soon as the bottom of the cup resurfaces the rest slides out too. I also have trouble inserting my finger around the cup to try to move it.

Is my vagina too small to successfully use a cup? I have had times when even inserting a regular tampon was difficult & painful during my period. Though I'm not a virgin I've also rarely had pain free sex, it hurts a lot unless I'm VERY VERY aroused.
Am I using the wrong cup? I read that Diva was relatively firm and firm cups tend to open easier but this thing will not.
Is there a way to stretch my vag opening or relax it some way? I've always had trouble with inserting tampons & sex so if theres a way to fix this it'd help in more than one aspect of my life.

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