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Period was significantly shorter using my cup!

I'm a bit confused here. My periods normally last 5-7 days or up to 21 days due to my weird hormones. Very heavy flow most of that time. I started my period 3 days ago (Thursday) in the afternoon, it was extremely light that day and when I woke up Friday morning I was completely soaked and nearly soiled my bed, though luckily I had baby wipes on my bed so I folded up a few of them and tried to prevent the massive waterfall that occurs when I sit up after that happens during my sleep. So my first day using the cup was Friday. It is now very early Sunday morning (or very late Saturday night) and I went to check on it as it was definitely time for it. I tried something new and sat on the toilet with my foot up on the tub to grab it and pull it out. I was sure it spilled as there was barely anything in it. So I peed and all that and when I wiped, there was no heavy amount of blood. Just the residual stuff! What? I got up before flushing and checked the toilet and nope, no blood spilled. Not on the floor either. Not anywhere! What the heck??

I normally have a full 6 days of heavy bleeding and Saturday completed my 2nd full day on my period. Now it could be that it'll be heavy again soon but this is the first time I've used a cup and the first time my period has lasted this short amount of time. It seems to be due to the using it instead of tampons or pads.

Has anyone experienced this? Is it because the cervix opening has a free area to drop blood, so the flow is heavier than it would be if a tampon was in there against the cervix? It's so odd! I'm super happy about it though! ;)
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