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03 October 2014 @ 11:42 pm
I have had a very successful first day with my clear Lunette Model 2 cup! I was worried that I'd have a bunch of leaking or I'd not be able to reach it once it rode up. I did have pretty bad cramping this morning for a few hours. I had it in about an hour then realized maybe the suction is irritating my cervix. I removed it and put it back in and the cramping was a little less and eventually has gone away. I put it in around 9:30am and at 3pm decided to check it to make sure it wasn't too full as I've been having really heavy (probably too heavy) periods. I did feel what I now recognize as "bubbling" that someone else here recently mentioned, and yes, it probably was near full. I was at about 12.5ml. I checked the Lunette website and it stated that the lines for my cup are at 7.5ml and 15ml and it appeared that the liquid in it was right about 2/3 from the 7.5ml line to to the 15ml line so it was about 12.5ml.

I checked and dumped the liquid 5 hours later, about 3.5 hours ago and it was right above the 7.5ml so maybe about 8.5ml was there. I have never known how much I bleed per month so this is a very cool thing that I can now learn about my body.

And yes, the first time I dumped it, I gagged. That was disgusting! But the second time I put it over the toilet and looked away and dumped it. LOL

Normally I'm not too squeamish but wow that is gross! Haha, crazy.

No leaking, some residual light blood flowed down but it didn't stain anything since I was able to wipe it away when I peed each time. And I don't recall much of ANY blood remaining after I dumped it the second time today. This is awesome!!!

I will probably have to cut the stem some as it is a little irritating and I don't want it to cause any problems in that area. But it's not as irritating as I thought it would be when I was doing dry-runs a few weeks ago. Oh and the cramping is non-existent this afternoon and evening.

I have found that the C-Fold doesn't cause cramping whereas (the first time I used it this morning I used the Punch-down method) the Punch down method caused much more suction that I think is what caused the bad cramping this morning.

I've lost more weight since I purchased the second one (the first was apparently used but looked new from the manufacturer, it has a definite strong tea tree fragrance to it and this one does NOT. During the dry runs I was trying different folds and found that the punch down method was easier for me to insert. But actually now that I've lost more weight and possibly due to the changes in my body during menstruation the C-fold is just as easy if not easier to insert and I haven't cramped from it. So that works!

This is so liberating! Not having to worry about massive leaking or changing the tampon just in the nick of time, no risk of TSS, no fibers remaining in my vaginal canal, no waste for the landfills, no bad reaction to the medical grade silicone (I'm allergic to a LOT of products and chemicals)... This is just wonderful! I don't mind my period anymore!

Ok enough rambling. I just wanted you all to know there is another successful convert to cups!
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Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on October 4th, 2014 02:40 pm (UTC)
Woo hoo! As for suction, follow the link at the paragraph about suction at http://kuradi8.livejournal.com/ If you haven't already, skim through the rest to see if anything more jumps out at you.
xyzpdq84 on October 4th, 2014 04:36 pm (UTC)
Ok, suction vs seal. I think the punch down fold (for me) does create bad suction, causing cramps. The C-fold doesn't seem to.

I am half awake right now, had to empty the cup and that was one heck of an experience while half asleep, unsteady on my feet, not coordinated, and lack of manual dexterity. LOL

I leaked a little I think as the cup was probably at the capacity that is considered full (not near the air holes but over the top line (about half way in between). I did have a few drops of blood on the bathroom floor as I removed it but with the shape of my body (very fat) I got it mostly out and then grabbed the rim of it with my thumb and index fingers to pull it away from my body in a more upright position as I was sure it was full and might tip over by holding the stem. I'm glad I did.

I couldn't get the cup back in due to my lack of manual dexterity since I was half asleep this morning with the c-fold so I had to use the punch down fold and I am now cramping. :( When I wake up more I'll take it out and re-do it.

After waking up a little more I re-read the link you gave me. I definitely think the punch down fold does create suction for me, which is why I am cramping now, though it doesn't seem to be severe, but perhaps my cervix is getting used to the cup being there with the seal and slight (or worse) suction the punch down fold creates for me.

When my hands are more useful to me in a few more minutes I will go back and remove it and use the c-fold.

I think due to my health issues my hands don't like to function well after I first wake up. Typing can be difficult for me let alone trying to fold and keep the cup in the fold while inserting it. My cup seems firmer than I expected it to be and it is difficult to keep it in the c-fold to insert it so that I can push it up just above the pubic bone when it opens. If it opens at the public bone or right above the curve of it the cup wont open fully and I can't getit up higher to open properly.

I hope this reply isn't a jumbled mess. I'll re-read it a bit later to make sure it's understandable. :P Thank you for the link and reply.
Kaikuradi8 on October 4th, 2014 07:42 pm (UTC)
Well, the point was that if the cup is fully open before it is pushed/kegeled into place, there won't be any suction.
xyzpdq84 on October 5th, 2014 02:47 am (UTC)
Okay. Yes, I have been able to let it open in "the right spot" for me and then I do push it up a little bit manually.

Today I had what has been termed "a murder scene." LOL I'm having trouble learning how to remove it so that it doesn't spill as my flow is heavy. I was sure I spilled it when I removed it but I didn't see the blood on the floor or on my shorts. I stand up on the floor next to the toilet and put my leg up on the seat of the toilet. Well my shorts were down on the floor. AFter I rinsed it and put it back in I went to pull up my shorts and felt a lot of wetness on my calf as I pulled up teh shorts. I looked and it was bloody. Ah so that's where the blood went! So I took the shorts and put them in teh laundry and cleaned up the gaint mess on the floor. Got a clean pair of shorts.

Anyway, so this is very annoying to have to learn. I had awakened from a long nap and that is why it was apparently overfull.

I have barely there cramping right now. This is been a very freeing experience. I just have to figure out how to not spill it. I think the issue is that I'm standing with my foot on the toilet, which puts my vagina at an angle not straight up and down (well the opening), and me having to contort a little to be able to reach the cup is another issue. Hopefully as I continue to lose weight I will have less and less of a problem of spillage. Today I am now under 300 pounds! 299.0 lbs!!! Huge milestone for me! Wooohoo!
Kaikuradi8 on October 5th, 2014 03:23 am (UTC)
Yep, we've all had and will have murder scenes. Even after you get the hang of your new cup, you will have days when it just refuses to cooperate. We all do. You'll kiss your cup another day.

And HURRAH for your milestone! I wish you continued success. :o)