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01 October 2014 @ 12:14 pm
Well, it had been a great 6 months with my Meluna medium. I immediately got the hang of it, and loved it. No leaks, no pain, no problems! Then, I decided to go off of hormonal birth control and got the Paragard IUD. As expected, I have gone from moderate bleeding to scenes from Jaws in a matter of a month. My normally low cervix is nowhere to be found during my period, and for my two really heavy days, I've started leaking. My cup is normally halfway full when it starts leaking, and I can feel the bubbling sensation that tells me something is up. It can be handled by wearing a panty liner but let's be real, if I wanted to do that, I would just be using reusable pads instead of a cup. Amirite?

For my lighter days, my Meluna is treating me just fine, but I need to find something else for my two Shark Week days. Does this sound like its a problem of needing a wider diameter cup? Maybe something longer? Higher capacity? I was lucky that I found my goldilocks cup right off the bat and now that I have to troubleshoot, I don't know where to start!
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..::bella vita::..por_que_no on October 1st, 2014 05:04 pm (UTC)
The Meluna medium is basically like most others' Smalls, right? So most cups in the large size will give you better capacity. How high of a cervix are we talking about? A large Diva might work, or for slightly shorter cups, a Ruby...the LuvUrBody is also super long and great capacity...or the Yuuki. If you need really soft try a Si-Bell (you can pull it out without creating suction due to the softness, which might be good with your IUD)
curlydevacurlydeva on October 1st, 2014 05:36 pm (UTC)

I have a paraguard and I know what you mean. :) If you like the Meluna brand why not go for a size up such as the large or xl Meluna. Or if you want a cup that is soft and a different brand I recommend a large MiaCup which gives great capacity and is very comfy to wear but not as long as the DivaCup or the Luv Ur Body. Or how about try a large Yuuki cup I would say soft as I have the regular small and that thing is stiff, pops open great but is my least favorite to wear. I also have a large Luv Ur Body which is shorter than the medium size Luv Ur Body and gives great capacity. I have a love hate relationship with Luv Ur Body as sometime time it can be not as comfortable to wear but the last three cycles that cup has been my best friend and I never leak. I hope this helps. Compare on the size charts and see which one calls out to you and go with your first mind. Best Wishes!
Kaikuradi8 on October 2nd, 2014 12:16 am (UTC)
If you don't like these size and capacity charts http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/ there are a bunch of others at the Community FAQ. :o)