Sooz Wilson (lotussooz) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sooz Wilson

Getting frustrated. New user..

Hello, I'm new here like most others I guess. I've been using instead for a few months and am loving the concept. I do get some leaks but overall it's way better than tampons. I bought an aneer cup off eBay. It's a generic one and clearly shitty. I have never touched any other cups but I have tried every fold insertion method possible with this cup and it will not open up. It unfolds and then flattens. I even inserted after orgasm to see if that would help, I had read somewhere that it makes it easier. Well it went in. But again flattened out and thusly collected squat. I had to go buy more instead cups.

So I guess my question is which cup is on the firm side? Also, which is shorter? I'm a 36 year old with one child that was not born vagnally, if that makes a difference. I got the bigger cup but I think it's too long as I cut the stem and could still feel it. Annoying. Any help would be appreciated. I really want to move to reusable cups as opposed to 1 cycle cups.. I just think the one I cheaped out on is in fact crap. That's what I get I guess.

Anyway, thanks for the help ladies. I look forward to your responses.

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