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Help with which cup...

Hi ladies,

First time post, so apologies for any errors of etiquette. I have tried a search for the answers to my questions however, I got 100 pages of posts. :-/

A bit of background: I'm 39, and I've had two children - one normal birth with a third degree tear, and one caesarean with a rather large baby. Prior to kids I was rather tight - mini tampons were almost too uncomfortable. After babies, a totally different story - super tampons slid out. I also pee myself when jogging on occasion. I've been trying to work on this.

Because I get a rash from paper products, I've been using cloth pads for about 7 years. In the begining I tried a Diva cup in the large size, but it just slid down and was extremely uncomfortable despite several attempts to change the way I've put it in and completely trimming off the stem. In the end I gave up and put it away and I've since lost it. Fast forward a few years - I can now wear a super tampon wihtout it falling out for long enough to go for a swim, and then I have to remove it so I' don't get thrush. I'm ready to try again with the cup.

A friend was doing a promotion for cups, where for every one purchased a company would donate a cup to a woman in Cambodia. I bought one - I don't know which brand it is. Its purple, quite stiff, and had a long flattish stem with ribs on the bottom of the cup and stem. I've tried again. I trimmed off the stem completely but I could still feel the ribs on the bottom of the cup. I beleive my cervix is low and my pelvic floor still needs work. I have turned it inside out and it is far more comfortable, enabling me to wear it successfully at night, however after a little while walking around, it too slides down and almost out. I have it in inside out at the moment and its fine comfort-wise, but I'm pretty sure I'm leaking and I'm only sitting. I have checked the suction, made sure it is open, etc. I'm at the point where its probably the wrong cup for me too.

Does anyone have suggestions for a short cup, that is stiff so opens easily for a beginner, that doesn't have ribs on the bottom (I'm really sensitive it seems), and is wide enough for a *ahem* loose woman such as myself? Can anyone point me in the direction of where to find this info in posts already existing? Can anyone help with suggestions on how to get this one right first?

Thank you so much.

TL;DR: Need good cup for sensitive vaginal opening, stiff, short and no ribbing on bottom!

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