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The Cup Collection Post!

Post a picture of your cup collection here. Why? Why not? Show off your awesome cup collection!

I'll start us off under the cut.

All my cups.

I even labeled them here. Some of Meluna's tags are in parenthesis because I'm using current terms to describe the cup. Back then, it was simply a small ball stem. The observant will notice that it has a shiny surface rather than its current matte design. It's basically the original design.

And just for funsies, a comparison of the old small violet Fleurcup vs the new small violet Fleurcup.

I'm actually not that fond of the Fleurcups. The small isn't significantly softer than its old stiff design, and I don't like the colors that much. I may put them up for trade later. I do want a Sckooncup. (I am keeping the old Fleurcup, because I really really like its pastel purple color. It's so pretty.)

Please make sure not to upload your pictures in full size straight off your cameras because it'll get cut off and nobody will get to see your awesome cup collection. Either upload your photos to a third party host (photobucket, imgur, flickr, whatever) or upload it straight to Livejournal. Most of these hosts will allow you to resize to a reasonable size if you don't have an image editor.

To post your pictures in the comments, use this html tag (WITHOUT the star at the front):

<*img src="url of your picture here">

Again, many picture hosts will provide it for you. Make sure to use the html coding.

Go forth and post, fellow cup addicts!

(Please add your cup to the tags after you post so others can find it too.)
Tags: brand comparisons, diagrams & pictures, fleurcup, lunette, lunette - limited edition, meluna, si-bell, yuuki

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