mardh93 (mardh93) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New crampy cup user...Advice needed!

Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting to this community. I'm 20, NP, and a newbie cup user (classic medium MeLuna, ball stem). I also have a Paragard IUD, not that that's relevant to this question.
Anyway, I've had no issues getting the cup in and getting it to pop open, and it doesn't leak or anything. I think it's a good size, my cervix likes to change positions a lot even during my period...Sometimes it will be really high in the morning and in the afternoon it randomly decides to get low. It has a mind of its own. In terms of cup size, I like the size of the medium MeLuna. However, I get HORRIBLE cramps after it's been in there for about 15 minutes or so. I put it in earlier today, went to class (college student here) and after I got to class and sat there for a minute, the horrible cramps began. I have cramps from the IUD and generally having my period and stuff, but these were definitely worse. I kept shifting in my seat and could not get comfortable, took 3 Midols to no avail, and was generally miserable. I started getting a cold sweat and couldn't focus, and just sat there fidgeting in pain and discomfort for an hour. When I got back to my apartment, I took out the cup, and the cramps subsided significantly in a few minutes.

What could be the cause of these cramps? Size, stiffness? Should I look into getting a softer cup? I have been eyeing the Si-Bell cup and that seems like it could be a good option...Or should I just keep trying with my MeLuna and see if the "teething troubles" stop?
Tags: cramps, iud, meluna, si-bell, teething troubles

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