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A new cup? Advice?

Well, I've been using a diva cup for about three years now. The seal is great, I've never had any problems with leaking or anything. I don't find it to be too long because I'd say I have an average to high cervix, it does drop a bit when I'm on my period but still I'm unable to reach it. The only problem is, like other people have said before, the diva does push on my bladder. Sometimes I have to take it out just to pee. It's basically just uncomfortable and kind of nuisance, and I would like to find a cup that has a reliable seal like this but doesn't push on my bladder. I'm not sure if this is because it's too long, too wide, too firm? I feel like the diva is not a very wide or firm cup though.
So I tried the meluna medium, classic, ball stem. It's a lot shorter than the diva obviously but something about the material makes this cup totally useless for me. I have no problem with the length and I have no trouble popping it open... The material is not really "softer," but it's more malleable and doesn't keep its shape. It's way more comfortable than the diva but it leaks because of the weak seal (or lack of seal). It's like, half in the cup, half of it comes out around the sides. Very disappointing because it's super comfortable!
So, what brand should I try? I was thinking maybe lunette? Sckoon?
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, leakage & spotting, lunette, meluna, sckoon, urination

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