REGEE (regee0304) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New cup or No??

I'm a long time cup user (since about 1996) who is STILL on the hunt for her GOLDILOCK's Cup! !
I'm yet to find a cup that doesn't leak!
Cups ALL leaked
1st DIVA Lg.: a bit long, holes clogged
Inside Out-still leaks but feels better
COL?- small holes, too long

2nd Ladycup Lg: holes to low, felt good
COL?: air holes to low

3rd Green Dona Sm.:too small, twisted around a lot
COL?: Too small

4th Fleurcup Lg: good fit, heavy days empty hourly! ?
COL?: Too wide/cervix in cup

5th FEMMYCYCLE: hard to place/open!
COL?: not sealed

6th NaturalMamma: long but not uncomfortable,
Inside Out: feels better
COL?: Too long, too soft, being SQUEEZED?

Soooo now I'm thinking of my next cup totry.
1-Miacup sm.
2-Femmycycle low cervix style
3-Meluna Lg sport shorty
4-Yuuki sm.

I'm wondering should i go for a wider & shorter cup? My cervix will nest in it but will it still have capacity on heavy days?
Or a narrower & shorter cup so cervix can not nest in cup as much?
Holes have to be high I know or none.
Thinking of trying the low cervix FEMMYCYCLE.....I'm soooo ready for my Holy Grail cup!!
Sorry post so long, thanks for reading it & your help, in advance!
Tags: femmycycle, leakage & spotting, miacup

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