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Femmecup LITE Review

I purchased this cup with the sole purpose of reviewing it since there isn't much info about it out there (or at least I wasn't able to find it at the time when I was interested in getting it for myself.)

First off, let me just say that I don't see a reason why this cup would have a shorter lifespan than any other silicone cup. Because it is thinner? I don't think so. It feels almost exactly the same as my Iriscup, which I have used exclusively for longer than the 1 year life span of the LITE, and is showing no signs of deterioration, except for staining, which can be easily taken care of.

Second, THIS CUP IS SO SOFT. It is the softest cup I have ever owned, and I have owned MANY. The rim, not so much. I would say the rim is medium/soft. Only a tad softer than the rim on my MCUK. And the stem is softer/more flexible than the stem of the regular Femmecup.
Other than that, by just looking at it, you couldn't tell the difference between the LITE and the regular Femmecup, which I also got for comparison.

If you're like me, these cups will not work for you because, LITE: perfect rim but my muscles would crush the base. Regular FC.: perfect base, but the rim won't let me pee.

I have never done a review in my entire life so let me know if theres anything else you would like to know.
Also, I took pics for softness comparison but I can't figure out LJ.
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