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Cup Collection Photos

My collection has evolved a little over the past six months.

This picture is from late spring:
Femmecup, Lg Sckoon, Sm Sckoon, Lg Iris, Sm Si-Bell, Lg Meluna, Sm Yuuki
Recent latest 1

This one is most recently:
Sm Yuuki, Sm Si-Bell, Femmecup, Lg MCUK, Lg Sckoon, Ruby, Lg Iris
Recent Latest

The yuuki, femmecup and small sckoon have found new homes. The femmecup was my favorite cup that I didn't use but it was only good for mucus, and the small si-bell is a better fit for that purpose.
Tags: brand comparisons, femmecup, iriscup, mooncup (uk), ruby cup, sckoon, si-bell, yuuki

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