jenniflower (frootloopdingus) wrote in menstrual_cups,

NuvaRing and Cups Simultaneously? Will it affect the effectiveness?

Hi Everyone! I used to have an account on here, but I couldn't remember my login information. My GYN and I decided to change up the way I am using my Nuva Ring. It used to be the 3 weeks in, 1 week out, but I have been dealing with horrible cramps now for over 2 years and she decided we should just try to eliminate my period. So, I am wearing my ring for 3 weeks, taking it out for 3 days and then putting a new one in. I just put my new one back in today....and my period began this morning just before I put it in. :/ It is even worse than ever. It is beyond painful and I am using disposable pads right now because I'm scared to use my cup with the ring, so I am also miserable too.

My question is: has anyone ever had problems with the ring and cup at the same time? Like if you use it, do you find the effectiveness of the ring is compromised? I am so afraid that will happen. Does the entire ring have to be touching the wall of the vagina or can just part of it be touching? I am desperate to use my cup again because this is the first time in 5 years that I haven't used it. What do you guys find to be the best way to wear both at the same time? Thank you!!

Tags: divacup, lady cup, lunette, nuvaring
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