mama_k37 (mama_k37) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First cup suggestions

I've been intrigued by cups for a while and after the birth of my second child I developed an allergy to almost every pad/tampon I've tried using so now seems as good a time as ever to make the switch.

So far I've only used Instead soft cups (part way through one cycle and for the entirely of the cycle afterwards). The first time was awesome! I wish I'd made the switch sooner and started researching longterm cups. The second time....what an ordeal. My first two days (of 4) are a little heavier (esp the first few cycles postpartum) and it seemed like I was constantly leaking & refitting- even had to switch back to tampons for better security. So far I've seen so much information it seems impossible to make a "best guess" and am really hoping for some experienced guidance.

Does anyone have suggestions on where to start as far as deciding on rim/length/capacity/firmness?

Here's about me:
Age 25, 2 births, 3 months postpartum, high cervix sometimes drops a little during menses (stays between med-high), just fit for a 75 diaphragm. I've had some concern of rectocele which is where my concern about firmness comes in, but my OB/G couldn't identify an issues. Chasing after a toddler, trying to get fit again, and soon going back to work on my feet I'm decently active and want a snug fit without unnecessarily stressing those muscles.

Wow, that sounds a lot picker than I expected... thank for any tips on choosing!
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