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Just popping in to sing my cup's praises for anyone who needs some bucking up

Hey, all! I first switched cold turkey to my Diva Cup in May of 2013, and with some trouble, fully adjusted to life as a cup convert. Some of you might remember that, haha. I'm just here to gush with joy for the kind of freedom it has offered me.

I have a really heavy flow for 3-4 days of my week-long torture and my uterus is steeply angled to the left, so I'm not able to go completely without backup, but it has overall been a truly wonderful experience, and I spent the better part of the past year teaching and biking all over my college campus -- something which would normally cause me great anxiety, as that doesn't allow me the leisure of just skipping off to the loo whenever I feel a tell-tale gush every hour or two.

My window on heavy days has widened from 2-3 hours max to 5-6 hours max, which saves so much grief. Other days, I'll just leave it in for 12+ hours no problem. I keep my cup in my bag when not menstruating, so I can practically never be caught unawares. I always have it within a few room's distance. I can do spur-of-the-moment things without having to worry if I have enough pads and tampons shoved into my bag to last overnight. I don't have to wonder what the hell I'm gonna do if I know friend x only uses pads -- something I can never do because of the rapidity with which a mess ensues (God help me when I have children).

The amount of underwear absolutely decimated by blood has gone down to nearly nothing and I'm pretty sure any leaks onto the bedclothes were a result of my own lack of foresight. I have even taken the leap of daring and worn my favourite white pants on a semi-heavy day with no bad outcome -- several times!

I know how high and low my cervix is throughout my cycle. I know how much I bleed down to the numbers. I am a master with my PC muscles (seriously kegeled that mofo down from an unreachable position just this morning -- it was awesome). I generally just enjoy my body more and knowing it well even though periods are sucky. It's really kickass. And if it weren't for my cup, I wouldn't know just how fascinating that unused uterine lining actually is. Maybe I'm weird, but it's so cool.

I save so so so so so much money. I no longer think about how stupid it is to spend said money on bleached, chemically crap that probably shouldn't be in my vag anyway just to have to throw it away within hours of insertion -- especially since tampons sap all natural lubrication in the process, which just is not necessary. Cups bring down the level of awful from "barely manageable and hardly tolerable" to "stupid easy and secretly kind of fun."

I've been on a streak of female empowerment for the past few months, and the menstrual cup way of life seriously contributes to it. I think I'm done babbling and have said my piece. Hope any newbies or fencers out there can take some happy encouragement from my experience. :)
Tags: activism, divacup, heavy blood flow, sports/physical activities, success stories

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