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Strange pelvic pain when cup is in for a while?

It's me again. You may or may not remember me from the post regarding my awful first try with a cup, dry run, and getting it stuck inside me for several days.

Well, it's been a couple of months, and I've finally gotten up the courage to try again, this time while beginning my period. I tried inserting it while taking a shower and had significantly less trouble getting it in this time. I was able to insert it on the third try, and with a lot of finagling, got it to pop open. As a plus, it apparently is a regular occurrence that it stimulates my G-spot. But either it was too low, or the stem is too long, because I could feel the stem part on the outside. I figured after I get used to it, I'll probably cut the stem shorter.

Anyway, after my nightly shower, I went to bed with it in. Woke up early morning in pain, bad enough that I couldn't get back to sleep. The pain also gave me a tension headache. It wasn't exactly the same as the cramping pain I get after I first insert it or when I'm on my heavy days... It wasn't a coming-and-going but a constant ache, no matter what I did or what position I took. And instead of feeling it in my uterus/abdomen area, it almost seemed like it was my entire pelvic area, deeper inside me, and also in my rectum and flank. The pain kind of felt like pulled muscles, I think?

Eventually, I gave up trying to ignore it and went to the bathroom to remove it. I easily took it out and saw it had done its job perfectly; there was a small amount of blood in the cup, and none had escaped to the outside. Thank GOD, almost immediately after I took it out, the terrible ache went away. It felt so good to have it out and be back on pads; I was able to go back to sleep easily.

Now I'm afraid to put it back in. That pain is just unbearable to have going constantly. But I also don't want to give up on menstrual cups! I spent a lot of money on getting two of them and the diva wash, and it's so nice and clean if it would work right...

Is there anything that can be done to keep this from happening again?
Tags: cramps, divacup, first time use, health risks, sleeping, teething troubles

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