onebookishnurse (onebookishnurse) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hard time pushing menstrual cup back up/in after I lower it to pop it open

I'm relatively new to the Diva Cup (this is my second cycle using it),and have tried different folds. The c-fold seems to be my best bet. However, I cannot rotate the cup to get it open (how is this physically possible???), but I can get it to pop open if I pull it downwards slightly. However, even on my heaviest days, I cannot then push it back in/up even though that is the advice I see/read all the time. As such, the Diva Cup stem and bottom of cup protrudes a bit; I do know it's one of the longest cups on the market, but my cervix is medium to high when I have my period so I'm pretty sure it's my inability to push the cup back in fully that can be accounting for at least *some* of the stem poking issue.

Any suggestions short of using and even bringing a bottle of lube in my purse (not thrilled with that, as I've already accidentally dropped a cup in the toilet and lube seems like it would make that even more likely) but I'm open to doing it if I need to, and I do know to use water-based, no-glycerin lube). If lube is my best best, have any of you tried both gel and liquid formula lubes and have a preference?
Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion, lubricant, popping open

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