everriculum (everriculum) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Natural lubricant suggestions?

Anyone have natural lubricant brands they can recommend to me?

The back story: I am an older virgin with very sensitive skin. Many things irritate me so it needs to be as natural/organic as possible. I am now allergic to rayon...and that is in pretty much every pad or tampon out there. That includes most of the natural or cloth ones too it seems but that is a side point. Anyway, I really need this to work and I like the idea of using the cup. I just bought a Diva cup and will probably be buying either a Lunette or Meluna in the future. I am not squeamish and I have done a ton of reading on using the cups but I am pretty dry down there lately to the point of irritation just from day to day movement so a lubricant is a must. Suggestions?
Tags: chafing/irritation, disabilities & health problems, insertion, lubricant
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