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Super heavy all of a sudden?

Hi wonderful people,

So a few cycles ago I started to get a heavy flow (I'm 14) so I bought a large fleurcup as I was filling up my small lunette in around 3 hours. My fleurcup arrived last cycle and all was fabulous and I wasn't having to change until 11 or 12 hours! I was also walking a lot last cycle (30 - 45mins per day).

Then this cycle I noticed that I started exactly 4 weeks after I finished my last and it was really light on the first and second days (not even filling up my lunette) now today (3rd day) I got up this morning and I had leaked completely through! Cleaned up popped it back in and went to school and had to change it every 3 hours! Last cycle I was having to change my SMALL lunette every 3 hours! Argh.

I think it might be linked to the fact that I did barely any walking the month leading up to now (busy with school and other commitments). Anyway I definitely going to do more walking this month and see if that helps, but I was wondering if there are any herbal remedies (that are easily accessible) to help lighten the flow a little? I've heard of red raspberry leaf tea, but the raspberry tea that mum buys doesn't actually have raspberry leaves in it! It has blackberry in it though and I've read somewhere that can help. I've also heard that 200mg of ibuprofen every 4-6 hours can lighten the flow too. I don't have access to any ibuprofen but is there another over the counter medicine that is the same/ has the same effect?

Thanks so much,

Sammi xx
Tags: fleurcup, heavy blood flow
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