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Suggestion for a small cup

Hey all!

I'm a 27 y/o non-virgin from the US with no children in need of some suggestions for a secondary, small cup for lighter flow days. I am pretty experienced with menstrual cups - I started using them about 4 1/2 years ago, used them continuously for 2 years, and then took a two-year break while I had a hormonal IUD (no periods). Now that my IUD has been removed my periods are back to normal and I'm back to the same issue I had right before I got my IUD - I don't have a cup I love for days with a lighter flow. I own a large Fleurcup, a large Ladycup, and a medium MeLuna and I have varying issues with all three.

1.) Fleurcup: Bought it because of its holding capacity (a few days of my periods can be really, really heavy) and its relative shortness since I have a lowish cervix when I am on my period. I cut the stem off completely and it fits great with a little leakage on really heavy days (usually at night). Its a bit hard for me to get it to pop open, but its not impossible.

2.) Lady cup: I actually really like my Ladycup. It pops open easily for me and is very comfortable. I do not have any leaking with my Ladycup unless it is full. The only issues I have are that a.) it doesn't hold as much as I'd like it to on heavy days (but its too big for lighter days IMO), and b.) I can NOT get the leftover stem smooth enough to be comfortable. I almost always end up with some sort of chaffing if I use it for longer than a day or two.

3.) medium-sized MeLuna classic (newish - less than 1 year old): I -hate- this cup. It never opens on the first try and I have to spend at least 2-5 minutes getting it in properly. Even if I know it is properly sealed, it always leaks on me. If it weren't my only small cup I think I would actually find scissors and find great satisfaction from cutting it up. I bought it because I liked the fact that I could order it without a stem.

That's all the information I can think of to provide. Does anyone have suggestions for a different cup? Thanks!
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