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Small Lunette softness

Hello everyone!

Straight up question, how would you rate the small Lunette's softness, and does it change over time?

I know this has been answered before but not very clearly, because I have read everything there is to read on this subject and still haven't gotten a satisfying answer. On Melissa's ratings it is a 4, with the large being an 8 and the small Fleurcup being a 2. I own both a large Lunette and a small Fleur and to me they feel almost the same. Not exactly the same but there certainly isn't a 6 point difference! Now I'm not saying Melissa is wrong, that's why I asked if the cup's stiffness varies over time, and maybe that's why every one's answer is different?

I own a small and a large Iriscup and she rated the large Iriscup a 1.7, almost the same as the Fleurcup, but to me the Fleur feels like a brick next to the Iris! (Which is like a sponge)

Then comes the small Iris, which is firmer than the large, and is my goldilocks! If I could change anything about it, it would be the capacity. That's why I'm looking at the Lunette. Looks to me like it is about the same shape and size, but with the holes being higher hopefully making it higher capacity. But is it firmer? Those of you who actually have the small on both of these brands, how would you compare their softness? (Both on the rim and base) and if you have any other brand to compare it to, you're welcome to answer! I own about 6 other cups. Pics are encouraged.

Thank uu!!

Edit: I almost forgot I have a small no name Ebay cup (supposed to be the Green Donna trying not to get sued) that everyone says it's the exact same thing as the small Lunette. Is it? I can tell they used the same mold because the thing is an exact copy, but what about the softness? (Or should I say firmness, it feels pretty hard)

Ps: Melissa, I love u! Pls don't be mad at me lol
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