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Richelle Bozung
Richelle Bozung

Menstrual Cup Leak Help!!

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to have found this forum and am really helping someone can help me out with a so far unanswerable question. I have stalked many blogs and forums to try and find answers, and have tried MANY suggestions so far, but nothing has really worked yet. As a bit of background - I am a mother of two, and recent menstrual cup convert. I purchased the Diva Cup in a size 2, and was SO excited to try it out.

The first few tries went as they do for most, I think. I wasn't sure if it was opening, couldn't exactly figure out where it should be, and felt it was always slightly off to the side when I went to take it out. I experienced a decent amount of leaking, and when I'd take the cup out could see it was down one of the sides, clearly not a proper seal. Finally after many tries I felt like I had a better idea of where my cervix is located (waaaaay far off to one side it seems like!), and it seemed as if I could consistently get it in and fully opened. (Punch down fold, feel around for it to open up fully and then a little kegel to finish putting it in place). And while it seemed it always settled rather high compared to what I would maybe have thought, at least it was seeming like it was where it should be relative to the descriptions I've read. The problem I've been encountering is that I can't seem to get a consistent result! Sometimes I can go for hours with no issue, sometimes only a few minutes, and then most frustratingly of all, sometimes I will go 4-6 hours with no problems, then suddenly have a small leak, and then be fine again! This isn't too annoying as long as I have a pad in for backup, but I'd really love to be able to not have to rely on backup, especially after only a few hours. In all of these situations the cup has never been filled when I've taken it out. I also understand the concept of my cervix taking up some of the space in the cup, and therefore causing some overflow, but how do I keep the cup lower, if no matter where I place it, it wanders up to the same location? And when I take it out it seems like there's not really been any "spillage" anywhere, and often doesn't contain much liquid at all. Also, is it an issue if it is pretty far to the side? Could this be causing me extra leaking? I haven't give up yet and want so badly to be a menstrual cup convert!!! So far I haven't been able to go without leaks for more than about 4 hours consistently (except 2 times when I went for 10-12, so it seems like somehow I should be able to make it work). I've tried different folds, and flipping my cup but to no avail. Please help!!!

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