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Fleurcup Large or Small for a 23yr old Virgin

I am trying to make a good decision about which cup to buy because whichever one I get will probably be it for a while. After much research I have decided on the Fleurcup as during my cycle my cervix is at the 50-60mm in, so I think I'm in the shorter vagina group. I am not sure which size to get because I am comfortable with insertion, and I know that the vagina will stretch to accommodate whatever is inserted even if one is a virgin.
I am worried about leaks because it is too small, horseback riding associated leaks, feeling like I have to pee all the time because it is too big, it not opening because it is too big, and (after reading some horror stories) that it will suction itself to my cervix because it is too big or too small!
I am more inclined to go larger for the larger capacity, but as I have no experience with anything like this-- any advice I can get will go a long way to helping me choose if the Large or Small is right for me.
Tags: cervix position, first time use, fleurcup, virginity

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