margalee (margalee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking for Goldielocks... Fleurcup or MeLuna Sport?

I could use some advise on getting a new cup. I've used a large Yuuki for the past 4 (5?) years. It was a definitely a HUGE upgrade from the Diva (my first cup) just for the capacity, but I still get leaks on heavy days and can't make it through the heavy nights without leaks. I noticed a few abrasions on the rim, and figured it might be time to replace. I have a heavy flow, especially on my first two days and large capacity is an important factor.

When I leak on my heavy days, I often find that my cup is only half or 2/3 full (below the holes) when I empty. It's frustrating to leak below full capacity! This leads me to believe that a) I have the infamous dangling cervix that reduces the cup's capacity on heavy days OR, b) I have strong pelvic floor muscles that squeeze the bottom of the cup, therefore reducing capacity. Perhaps a combination?

I also briefly tried a large LadyCup. I loved the cup aesthetically, but found that it leaked much more frequently than the large Yuuki, so I only use it as backup or on light days. It seems like a pretty squishy cup to me, so maybe this worked poorly with stronger muscles.

I have a large Fleurcup coming in the mail. (It's inexpensive and easy to ship to my current location and seemed similar in shape and capacity to the Yuuki, which is *mostly* perfect for me.) I've also heard generally positive things about it.

I'm ALSO intrigued by the MeLuna Sport - I think a high capacity, stiffer cup might work better for a heavy flow combined with strong muscles, I think the MeLuna sport might be worth a try.

My questions:
1) How does the MeLuna sport stiffness compare to the older version of the Yuuki? Any other strong-muscled ladies have better luck switching to a stiffer cup?
2) Should I try the MeLuna sport large or extra large? I don't have a problem accommodating the large Yuuki or large Ladycup comfortably, and they both open completely upon insertion. Back in the day, I could accommodate Diva (the small size) comfortably without a stem, if that gives you reference for length.:)
3) Any thoughts on how Fleurcup compares to Yuuki? I was referred to Fleurcup as a good choice for ladies with the dangling cervix overflow problem and wanted to try it for that reason!

Thanks! This group is awesome. :)
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